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Check-off Loans Partnerships
We establish partnerships with employers to lend to their staff We provide the technology required for efficient loan processing We connect investors to lenders with best ROI
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Employer Partnerships
Facilitate your staff with 
We sign an MOU with your organization, Your staff request for loans and we facilitate, You deduct loan repayment and submit to our bank
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Investor Partnerships
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We will link you to lenders that give over 24% in annual returns, We facilitate all engagement contracts processing, We will ensure your returns and principal are paid on time
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Technology Partnerships
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Our technology ensures that staff can access loans in minutes, We provide Loans Management Systems to lenders, We provide investor panels where they can keep track of their investments
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What's lendme

LendMe is a check-off lending service by Meta Capital Limited that facilitates partnerships for lenders, staff, employers and investors.

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Who is it for

A check-off loan is a loan facility available for salaried employees administered by the employer whereby the company signs an MOU with a check-off lender to provide convenience loans to its employees and in-turn the employer remits borrowed loan to the lender when processing salaries. 

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WE facilitate

LendMe facilitates a special type of loan that is open to employees of institutions and companies that have a check-off agreement with our partner lending companies.

Key Benefits

Quick Approval Process

Once the MOU with your company is signed, you apply for the loan online and our team will dispatch the loan in minutes.

Competitive Rates

Our lending partners give the best market rates with minimal processing fees. The investors also earn from 24% annually.

No Penalty

Our lending partners do not charge any penalty for late repayments but will apply rollover fees for all late repayments.

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Our partners

Lending Companies

We work with lending companies to help them mobilize funds and get company partnerships.


We work closely with employers to connect them to a lender that meets their needs and profile.


We connect our investors to lending companies that pay superior ROI from 24% annually.

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Become a Partner

“Looking for an extra income?  Earn up to 36% ROI annually by becoming our partner today.”

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Facilitate your staff with check-off loans

“We partner with companies to facilitate loans to their staff and the company deducts our repayment when processing salaries.” 

check-off Loan

Convenience and Emergency Loans

“We can sort all your emergency and convenience loans. We only facilitate staff whose employers have signed an MOU with us.”

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